Dried Ginger Vietnam

General information

Ginger is a common spice used worldwide which is used to increase the taste and aroma of the food

dried ginger vietnam for export

Ginger dried in the sun or by mechanized methods retains a lot of its original flavor, while the drying process increases the shelf life of the ginger.

It is easy to use; all one has to do is to break the ginger into small pieces and powder it in a coffee grinder.

There are two forms of dried ginger:

  • Dried dehydrated ginger
  • Dried slice ginger
Dried dehydrated ginger- dried ginger vietnam
Dried dehydrated ginger
Dried slice ginger- dried ginger vietnam
Dried slice ginger

Dried ginger description

Stype Whole and slice
Moisture 13.5% max
Volatile Oil 1.5% min
Ash 8% max

Packing & Delivery

Inner packing: Bulk, PE bag/mesh bag/cnt
Outer packing: 10-20kgs/bag/cnt
or customize

Load capacity
 For 40’fr: About 23 MT for 10kg cnt with an inner PE bag
About 26 MT for 10-20 kg mesh bag
POL: Ho chi minh port, Viet Nam

Delivery time: 1-2 weeks since order confirmation
Payment term: By 100% L/C, 40% T/T advance deposit – 60% T/T against copy B/L

If you have a demand for our products, please contact us for detailed information about the product and the best price


Vietnam fresh ginger
Vietnam fresh ginger
Vietnam ginger powder
Vietnam ginger powder

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