Onggok starch powder

Onggok starch powder (Tepung Onggok) is common name of tapioca fiber powder.
This agricultural residue is commonly used but a major ingredient for the production of incense sticks, mosquito coils/ repellent.

ongg starch powder for making mosquito coils

The onggok starch powder has a sticky viscosity when mixed with hot water.
Along with the joss powder are 2 important natural adhesives for mosquito incense making


+ Color: White cream
+ Moisture: 13% max
+ Viscosity:7cps min
+ Mesh size 80: 90% min

Up to now, mosquito coils have always been a controversial product between the prevention of mosquitoes and the impact of mosquito incense on consumers’ health.

Because ingredients containing chemicals such as Dimefluthrin, Meperfluthrin are used in inappropriate concentrations.

With the current consumer-oriented production base, natural adhesive materials such as onggok starch powder, joss powder and products with mosquito-repellent properties such as lemongrass, cinnamon, and cloves have gradually replaced these above armful chemicals.

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